Gear hobbing machine ZFWZ 250/3

Model ZFWZ 250/3
Main parameter Ø 250, Modul: 6
Producer Modul
Country Germany
New in 1988
Inventory number 1542
Technical specifications Description:
WMW Modul Gear Hobbing Machine
Model: ZFWZ 250/3,
Country of origin: Germany
Manufacturer: WMW Modul

Max. diameter of workpiece: 250 mm
Max. module: 6
Max. axial feeding travel: 275 mm
Max. tangential feeding travel (hob shift): 100 mm
Max. helix angle: 45 degree
Min. number of teeth cut: 8
Min. number of teeth cut using the indexing: 4

Max. hob diameter: 145 mm
Max. hob length: 170 mm
Dia. of a tightening surface of a table: 275 mm
Dia. of a centering element of a table: 200 mm
Depth of a centering element of a table: 75 mm
Distance from the hob center to surface of work table:
-Min.: 195 mm
-Max.: 470 mm
Distence from the hob center to the center of work table:
-Min.: 20 mm
-Max.: 230 mm
Cone of the hobbing: 45

Hob speed: 50-200 rev/min
Hob speed variable in 2 ranges: 125-400 rev/min
Main motor: 7,5 kW
General power consumption: 20 kw
Electricity: 50 Hz 380 V
Machine dimension: 3000x3475x2200 mm
Machine weigth: 6500 kg
State used